Our Mission

Pillar II

Historical Building Restoration

At the intersection of modern innovation and historic preservation, we revitalise architectural treasures. In 2022, our collaboration with Wilanów Palace led to the restoration of a Baroque mural. Beyond this, we’ve embarked on similar endeavours in historic edifices across Southern Europe.

The OmenaArt Foundation’s initiatives have channelled unprecedented business sector support to Wilanów Palace. Through our efforts, we’ve secured substantial funds to rejuvenate historical wall frescoes. Among the artworks rejuvenated is a series by Michele Arcangelo Palloni, illustrating “Psyche and Eros,” an allegorical tribute to the love between King John III Sobieski and Queen Maria Kazimiera, the very heart of the palace.

Utilising state-of-the-art conservation methods and materials ensures both durability and the preservation of these masterpieces. Future endeavours will encompass the entirety of the Northern Gallery, maintaining a meticulous commitment to modern conservation standards. The goal is twofold: enduring preservation and the reillumination of its artistic grandeur. We’ll continue to chronicle this journey, updating our community via our website and social media.

During an exhibition hosted by the OmenaArt Foundation, attendees were granted a firsthand look at ongoing restoration efforts on a painting from the King Jan III Museum in Wilanów, offering a unique insight into the meticulous art of conservation.