About the exhibition

As part of maltabiennale.2024, OmenaArt Foundation will present its thematic pavilion at Fort St Elmo, titled “Other Geographies, Other Stories”, based on a curatorial concept by Hanna Wróblewska, curated by Natalia Bradbury. The exhibition will run from March 13 to May 31, 2024.

The artists invited to the exhibition “Other Geographies, Other Stories” hail from diverse backgrounds, spanning various generations and locations. What unites them is a shared connection to Polish history or episodes that reverberate, to varying degrees, in their artistic endeavors. Within the thematic pavilion at, organized by the OmenaArt Foundation, Lia Dostlieva, Barbara Falender, Iza Jagiełło, Ida Karkoszka, and Aleksandra Karpowicz come together, employing the mediums of sculpture, photography, and installation, each embodying a unique understanding of activism.

The common thread that weaves through their work is the exploration of transformations, migrations, and the absence of a defined “home.” These themes serve as catalysts for profound inquiries into identity, nationality, and corporeality, pushing the boundaries of what it means to be a woman and an artist.

Barbara Falender consciously crosses artistic boundaries, staging a revolt within the communist regime. Iza Jagiełło’s work delves into the abstract boundaries imposed by patriarchy, while Lia Dostlieva explores historical trauma. Aleksandra Karpowicz uses the body as the sole place of possible residence, while Ida Karkoszka investigates the possibility of mammal bodies providing sustenance irrespective of their place of residence.
The exhibition’s narrative perfectly matches the character of the island – a place that has been a combination of different geographies and histories for thousands of years.


Natalia Bradbury is a Polish curator and international art advisor with over a decade of experience in both the Polish and international art markets. Operating between Poland and the UK, she has collaborated with auctions, galleries, art agents, and renowned curators, showcasing her versatile expertise.


Presently, Natalia holds the position of Head of the OmenaArt Foundation. Her focus lies in the exploration of the growing importance and market value of the emerging generation of artists in Europe. She diligently examines the factors contributing to the recent development of this sector, demonstrating her commitment to understanding the evolving dynamics of the art world.


Natalia Bradbury has been chosen to curate the thematic pavilion at the 2024 focusing on female artists, a testament to her leadership and influence in the field. This role further solidifies her standing as a key figure shaping the discourse around contemporary art on both national and international levels. 2024

This year Malta will hold a historic event – the inaugural edition of The UNESCO-supported event will take place from March 13 to May 31, 2024 at 12 historic sites in Malta and Gozo. The main exhibition Insulaphilia, curated by Sofia Baldi Bighi, will be accompanied by twelve national pavilions and eight thematic pavilions.