OmenaArt Foundation

About the Foundation

The OmenaArt Foundation was established to spearhead projects and initiatives within the realms of art, design, and architecture.

The foundation was set up to supervise the artistic endeavours of both the Omenaa Foundation and the Rafał Brzoska Foundation. The inception of OmenaArt Foundation was a natural evolution of its founder’s passion. For years, Omenaa has been an avid enthusiast and collector in the domains of art, design, and architecture.

The OmenaArt Foundation champions a holistic integration of art with design that seamlessly melds into architecture. Our inspirations include renowned sculptors such as Simon Leight, known for his monumental pieces; Chun Kwang Young, an expert in paper reliefs; and Anish Kapoor, famed for his grand biomorphic creations.

Art also underpins our philanthropic pursuits. The OmenaArt Foundation oversees the coordination of art auctions held during the notable Grand Charity Auctions TOP CHARITY, ensuring these events uphold impeccable aesthetic standards. The primary goal of all our initiatives is fundraising, with proceeds dedicated to supporting budding artists and art-related institutions.