Grand Charity Auction


The event, held in the Wilanów Palace’s courtyard, attracted nearly 500 guests from around the world.

Thanks to the involvement of the business and art community in Poland, the Grand Charity Auction TOP CHARITY 2024 has become not only a philanthropic success, but also an important point on the cultural map of Europe. Funds raised will help support children and young people, confirming that art and charity can go hand in hand to create a better future.

OmenaArt Foundation


The OmenaArt Foundation was established to spearhead projects and initiatives within the realms of art, design, and architecture.

Foundation activities

Art, Design, & Architecture

The foundation was set up to supervise the artistic endeavours of both the Omenaa Foundation and the Rafał Brzoska Foundation. The inception of OmenaArt Foundation was a natural evolution of its founder’s passion. For years, Omenaa has been an avid enthusiast and collector in the domains of art, design, and architecture.

The OmenaArt Foundation champions a holistic integration of art with design that seamlessly melds into architecture. Our inspirations include renowned sculptors such as Simon Leight, known for his monumental pieces; Chun Kwang Young, an expert in paper reliefs; and Anish Kapoor, famed for his grand biomorphic creations.

Art also underpins our philanthropic pursuits. The OmenaArt Foundation oversees the coordination of art auctions held during the notable Grand Charity Auctions TOP CHARITY, ensuring these events uphold impeccable aesthetic standards. The primary goal of all our initiatives is fundraising, with proceeds dedicated to supporting budding artists and art-related institutions.

The Founder

Omenaa Mensah

Art Aficionado and Collector…

Omenaa has cultivated her collection over the years, predominantly centering on sculptures, spatial art pieces, and contemporary paintings…

Admirer of Design and Architecture…

Omenaa, the brain behind television series “Star Houses” and “Luxury Houses with Omena,” leveraged her expansive knowledge and experience to establish her…

Woman of Renaissance & Business Whizz…

Omenaa Mensah, an embodiment of artistic fervour, is always in high gear. She helms three foundations, orchestrates the Grand Charity Auction, and stands as the pillar behind the Philanthropic Consortium…

OmenaArt Foundation



From May 9th to June 25th, the Grand Charity Auction showcased a distinctive exhibition in the Orangery of the Wilanów Palace.

The OmenaArt Foundation, with its concerted efforts, brought to Poland one of Spain’s most celebrated sculptures: Manolo Valdés’s “Reina Mariana.” This was the inaugural presentation of this illustrious artwork in Poland, an opportunity to marvel at a piece previously featured in renowned collections across the globe, from Paris and Barcelona to New York and the Venice Biennale.

OmenaArt Foundation


Artworks featured at the Grand Charity Auction

Artworks featured at the Grand Charity On-line Auction


Supplementary Pieces for the Grand Charity Auction Exhibition


Grand Emotions

OmenaArt Foundation


Pillar I

Building a collection of sculptures and spatial art

Sculpture, an ancient medium of artistic expression tracing its roots to prehistoric times, holds a special place in the heart of the OmenaArt Foundation…

Pillar II

Historical Building Restoration

At the intersection of modern innovation and historic preservation, we revitalise architectural treasures…

Pillar III

Eco Art

Sustainable art is a worldwide trend, and at OmenaArt Foundation, we harmonise art and education with commitment to environmental stewardship…

Pillar IV

Championing Artists

The OmenaArt Foundation is attuned to the evolving landscape of the art world, recognizing the challenges confronting young artists and art institutions today…

OmenaArt Foundation


Omenaa Mensah

President of the Omenaa Foundation, philanthropist, lover and collector of art and design

Iwona Büchner-Grzesiak

President of the Polswiss Art Auction House, one of the leaders in the Polish art market

Boris Kudlička

Slovak scenographer, architect, designer

Rafał Kamecki

President of, the independent portal analysing the art market

Kama Zboralska

Director of the Warsaw Art Fair, Fair,”Compass of Art” Initiator



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