Our Mission

Pillar IV

Championing Artists

The OmenaArt Foundation is attuned to the evolving landscape of the art world, recognizing the challenges confronting young artists and art institutions today. Our proactive approach sees us bolstering emerging talents, curating exhibitions, orchestrating auctions, and orchestrating comprehensive marketing and PR campaigns. We’re steadfast in our mission: amplifying young voices, propelling them to broader acclaim within the art community.

In 2023, in a collaborative endeavour, the OmenaArt Foundation and Omenaa Foundation instituted scholarships for promising students from Poland’s Fine Arts Academy’s Sculpture Departments. These grants, aimed at procuring vital materials and tools, also serve as an impetus for these budding artists to weave sustainability narratives into their work, mirroring global eco-art movements. Beyond fostering artistic innovation, our scholarships underscore the importance of infusing art with ecological sensibilities.