Our Mission

Pillar I

Building a collection of sculptures and spatial art

Sculpture, an ancient medium of artistic expression tracing its roots to prehistoric times, holds a special place in the heart of the OmenaArt Foundation. Yet, in the contemporary Polish art auction market, sculpture represents a mere 10% of total sales (source: ArtInfo). Our mission at OmenaArt Foundation is to increase awareness and recognition of sculpture within the Polish market. We strive to do so by illuminating the creative process at each step, underlining the effort and expense that goes into the production of these works.

In alignment with global trends, our focus is on developing a curated collection of sculptures and spatial art forms. This includes installations crafted by both national and international artists of renown. We are privileged to collaborate with emerging talents like Tomasz Górnicki and esteemed academic artists such as Professors Adam Myjak and Przemysław Lasak. OmenaArt Foundation’s circle of friends also comprises acclaimed sculptor Sylwester Ambroziak and the painters Agata Kus and Karol Palczak.

OmenaArt Foundation has had the honour of acquiring pieces created by Magdalena Abakanowicz – a revered and influential Polish artist.