Charitable Dinner for Collectors Exhibition 2024

About the exhibition

Anda Rottenberg


Auction Exhibition

Preliminary Curatorial Concept

For the forthcoming auction exhibition, with proceeds destined to fund scholarships for emerging artists, I have enlisted a selection of esteemed Polish artists. This assembly includes:

Mirosław Bałka

Monika Sosnowska

Nicolas Grospierre

Małgorzata Mirga-Tas

Katarzyna Krakowiak-Bałka

The common denominator of the exhibition is that each of these five artists shares the experience of having showcased their work at the Venice Biennale of Art and Architecture, which dates back to the inception of the Aperto exhibition at the Arsenale’s historical rope factory, a curatorial venture dedicated to young talent since 1990 through to the penultimate 2022 edition. All participants have had their installations featured at various times in the Polish Pavilion, and most have been part of exhibitions in both the Main Pavilion and the Arsenale, invited by the Biennale’s lead curators. Their works have also graced thematic exhibitions within the Biennale’s framework, with two artists returning as award recipients.


However, their involvement in this venerable, annually expanding Biennale is not the sole criterion for their selection. These artists span several generations and employ a myriad of techniques, representing a spectrum of unique Polish perspectives, so highly valued internationally. What unifies them further is their innovative approach to artistry; they introduce original solutions that challenge conventional aesthetics and interpretive practices. This distinctive creativity has not only earned them international acclaim but also active participation in major global art events. They have held solo exhibitions in museums across continents, and their works have been acquired by leading public and private collections worldwide. Additionally, many of these artists also engage in creating art for public spaces, thoughtfully considering the history, function, and locale of each installation.