Grand Charity Auction Exhibition 2024

About the exhibition

In 1805, when Stanisław Kostka Potocki established the first museum within the Wilanów Palace, he decided to exhibit approximately one hundred Greek vases, collections of European paintings, family portraits, and works by the old masters. His collection was intended not solely for informational purposes—to familiarise guests with renowned works—but predominantly for aesthetic purposes: to adorn, delight the eye, and display the artist’s craftsmanship. Today, art has taken a different trajectory. Rather than captivating, it often shocks and is frequently relegated to non-artistic functions. The Grand Charity Auction TOP CHARITY 2024 exhibition represents my homage to the past and a return to the foundational values of art and its original ethos, where aesthetics, quality of execution, and craftsmanship are paramount.

I take immense pride in the efforts of our Artistic Council and the exquisite works of art they have selected. Furthermore, it is with great pleasure that we announce Anda Rottenberg’s participation in creating a collateral exhibition, which forms an integral component of our charitable endeavours.

Works by renowned global and Polish artists transport us through a rich tapestry of geographical, historical, and cultural contexts, echoing the thematic exhibition we organised at 2024 and at the LuginsLand of Art centre in Malta. The mission of the OmenaArt Foundation is to forge a holistic union between the worlds of architecture, design, and art. Our initiatives extend beyond supporting emerging artists and cultural institutions; we are actively involved in the restoration of historical buildings in Poland, as demonstrated by the conservation efforts in the North Gallery of the Wilanów Palace, and at sites in Italy and Malta.

I invite you to join us in exploring and experiencing art, and in supporting our philanthropic initiatives.

– Omenaa Mensah

Boris Kudlička – Exhibition Design

Natalia Bradbury – Curatorial Care