Grand Charity Auction Exhibition 2024 // Artists

Wojciech Fangor

Wojciech Fangor, a distinguished Polish artist, made an indelible mark on the art scene both in Poland and globally. A multifaceted talent, he excelled as a painter, graphic artist, sculptor, and publicist. Fangor was born on 15 November 1922 in Warsaw, the city where he also passed away on 25 October 2015. His artistic journey commenced in the aftermath of World War II, under the private tutelage of Tadeusz Pruszkowski and Felicjan Szczęsny Kowarski. In 1946, he culminated his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. A pivotal moment in Polish art history came in 1957, when Fangor, alongside Stanisław Zamecznik and Oskar Hansen, unveiled Poland’s inaugural environmental piece, Spatial Composition, at Zachęta. The subsequent year saw him further innovate with Study of Space, exhibited at the Salon of New Culture in Warsaw. In 1966, Fangor took his talents to the United States, where his abstract painting experiments set new precedents. His creations were showcased at eminent institutions, including a solo exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Upon his return to Poland in 1999, Fangor continued to make significant contributions to the nation’s contemporary art scene, notably through projects like the second line of the Warsaw metro. His artworks, revered on the art market, frequently attracted the attention of discerning collectors.